I'm a Lebanese-American producer and journalist based between the US and Lebanon. I'm currently co-producing a documentary feature titled GROOMED, tracing the psychological manipulation involved in cases of child sexual abuse. I'm also a producer on the Kerning Cultures, a podcast dissecting the complex narratives of the Middle East.

Before leaving the newspaper business for film, I spent a few years focused on covering the Syrian war and its resulting refugee crisis for The Wall Street Journal. Over the last decade I have worked with organizations that range from the United Nations Development Program, Al Jazeera English and America, The Wall Street Journal, Netflix, and others.

My passion project is a small group I co-founded titled Hakaya Storytelling. It's a monthly live storytelling event in Beirut, Lebanon based on The Moth.

For a lot more information, here's my resume.

For story ideas, consultancies or freelance opportunities, you can reach me at dballout@gmail.com.